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PEMF4000 is the only analog “spark-gap” machine on the market that allows you to adjust both frequency and Intensity separately. This is a huge advantage when doing lower power applications where you want also a slower frequency or “repetition rate”.

The Battle between “Spark-Gap” and “Solid-State”.
While solid state units are more reliable, quiet and much more expensive, we have found that the treatment quality is far better using spark-gaps than solid state. The same treatment benefits you would get for 30 minutes of solid-state you can get easily in just 3 minutes using a spark-gap machine.

* Adjustable intensity .5T – 3.8Tesla
* Proprietary Spark-Gap lasts over 5 years
* Light weight only 28lbs
* 5 year warranty, serviced in Austin, Tx

What’s Included:
1-25’ Silicone Treatment Rope
1-8” Paddle
1-6” Butterfly
1 Hour of education over the phone

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