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Interview with Bruce Gelerter

Interview with Bruce Gelerter

Listen to this exclusive Q&A all about PEMF technology

Bruce Gelerter is the inventor of the PEMF 4000 and other original products. See more about him here.

In this interview with Bruce Gelerter, you will learn about pulsed electromagnetic field technology, how it affects human biology, and how he brought PEMF therapy to a new level with the PEMF 4000. This interview is from back in 2014 but the information is still interesting and relevant to pulsed electromagnetic field therapies today. Enjoy!

When PEMF 4000 was first released back in 2014, it broke from high-power PEMF tradition.

High-power prides itself on high Gauss (rhymes with ‘house’) and low pulse speeds that give moderate benefits over time. PEMF 4000 changed the game by speeding its pulse from the industry’s standard milliseconds up to nanoseconds. And with it, sped up the typical pain relief and injury recovery results from weeks to mere minutes with results that last for days! For the chiropractors who tried it out with their least responsive patients, the results were nothing less than astonishing:

  • Cases of untreatable chronic pain that had gone on for years were now manageable in less than 10 minutes…
  • Range of motion lost to injuries and old age was restored before their eyes…
  • Some functions were recovered in nerve channels severely damaged from injuries…
  • Read some testimonials for even more amazing stories from our customers!

With all the research published about pulsed electromagnetic fields’ effects on a range of health conditions from arthritis, osteoporosis, and back pain to cancer, fibromyalgia, and stem cell research, PEMF is the new treatment avenue to explore. And it holds a lot of promise for many health problems. Advancements in this technology and its acceptance into wider use is very exciting news!

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