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    Patients Feel the Difference
    Within 15 Minutes

    Patients Feel the Difference Within 15 Minutes
    Achieve powerful healing results more quickly than ever before with PEMF Quanta. It’s the only PEMF device that provides up to 100% pain relief that lasts for days after one short session.
    • Relieve Pain in Minutes
    • Restore Range of Motion
    • Reduce Inflammation

    Case Study: Don Lawlor, DC


    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Activates Cellular Healing

    Our PEMF technology stands apart because it can relieve pain up to 100% in one session of as little as 5 minutes. What's our secret? While everyone else was talking about magnetic fields, frequencies and low vs high power, we did a few experiments and discovered the true source of PEMF's healing power.

    High-speed pulsed electromagnetic fields from PEMF 4000 penetrate the cell barrier to energize the mitochondria. This surcharge of electricity directly stimulates the cells to start healing again where they left off for lack of energy. The pulse causes the cells to contract and relax very fast as they take in nutrients and excrete toxins in a form of cellular exercise. This safely stimulates cellular metabolism. Pumped up metabolism together with a fresh energy surcharge means the cells are ultimately supported to work under optimal conditions.

    Our PEMF 4000 and PEMF Quanta devices are unique because of their nanosecond pulse speeds combined with high pulse power that delivers treatments patients can feel the benefit from in one session. Pain relief lasts for an average of 3 days after the session and the results accumulate over time. In short, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is not just another temporary solution that treats the symptoms but not the cause. It is unique because it energizes the cells to support the body’s natural healing process. As a result, patients heal much better than they ever did before.


    PEMF Activates Cellular Healing

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