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PEMF Testimonials

Watch videos and read stories from real chiropractors and their patients about their results with our PEMF products. These are just a few of over a hundred happy stories from our customers.


Dear Dr. Shunkwiler; I would like to thank you for the excellent care you have given me with your P.E.M.F 4000. I have been astounded at the results I had received with only 3 treatments for my L4 prolapsed disc. I was able to stand straight and was able to walk with only a minor limp. Now with nearly 20 treatments of P.E.M.F., I am amazed at the outcome, as most times I am 100% free of any symptoms. I look forward to further treatments as well as looking forward to referring patients who can benefit from this miraculous device. ”
Thank you.
Bernard E. Hughey III D.C
Westland, MI



I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 18 years ago. I lived in denial, hiding feelings and symptoms for 15 years. for the past three years, things have gotten worse…balance problems, vision problems, body aches that never seemed to go away, headaches, speech problems, depression and choking.

The drugs were not for me! They made life unbearable!

PEMF has done amazing things for me! Headaches disappear within minutes of starting treatment. I no longer have choking episodes. Pain? What pain? I do believe PEMF will continue to improve my life and, definately, help improve yours, too. Be positive! You want to feel better, and will!

Thanks Dr. Kim!
Mike Sochacki
Garden City, Mi


“Dr. Kim, just a note to let you know how amazed I am with the results of your PEMF system. After one treatment, and over 35 years of Migrane headaches, caused by an auto accident (Dr’s said I would have them the rest of my life) I have gone 2 weeks without any signs of pain. You also treated a 40 year old motorcycle injury to my foot, in which I was unable to put my toes flat on the ground. At this point I am able to put them flat on the ground, and have no sensation of loss of mobility in the ankle. I am truly amazed at the outcome, and intend to return for further treatments. I am also refering a friend that has chronic pain from ruptured discs in her neck. Thanks again, and keep up the healing.
Brad B.
Livonia MI


Knee pain was something I figured I’d always have to live with. A by-product of a youth spent playing every sport under the sun. Joints being bent in ways nature hadn’t intended. A few ibuprofens on days where I knew my knee would undergo extra stress became part of my daily planning, as was a neoprene brace.

Then a few months ago, the pain went beyond the knee. The pain started to radiate up my leg in what felt like a severe groin pull. Sitting in one spot for too long, walking for too long, and standing for too long were accompanied by shooting and stabbing pains. Getting in and out of the car became a major event. A chiropractor suggested that I use a TENS unit. Which I did, but with limited success. It took the edge off the pain but it was certainly no cure. Then I met with Howard who suggested I try Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured that I would give it a try. Initially I felt “energized” but I know that can just be the mind playing games with you, giving you what you want to feel. It wasn’t until I was sitting back in my car that I realized that I got into the car with no pain, none, zero.

I do not believe in “magic bullets” but Pulsed Magnetic Therapy works. After a few sessions my knee feels better. I can do more, walk farther, stand longer. I no longer have to concern myself of what my daily plans entail in relation to my knee. No more ibuprofen and I can’t remember the last time I put on my knee brace.

I don’t know the science behind it, I just know it works
Mike L
Port St Lucie, Florida


Dear Dr Shunkwiler,

I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how amazed & thrilled I am since receiving treatments with the PEMF machine. Two years ago a surgeon told me after X-Rays & a MRI I will need double knee replacements. But, being I am in my 50’s, to wait as long as possible.

The pain was awful & really hard to live with. I had to take Voltaren, a pain pill, everyday just to get around and work. I was prescribed up to three a day, but I tried to stick to one, because I didn’t want to get too hooked on them.

I started treatment with your office around four weeks ago & I am so relived & happy the pain I had is nowhere near what it was. I would say 75% to 80% better.

I am an outside sales rep & am in & out of my car all day long. Before, I was so miserable & in terrific pain every day. Now, I can get in & out of my car like years ago. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this wonderful machine. I tell everybody I know about PEMF & the great Dr Shunkwiler

Thanks Again,
Carol J LaPorte


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