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NeuroTrek Digital Pro

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NeuroTrek Digital Pro

NeuroTrek is the only transcranial micro-current device available that allows you to “Dial – Up” any brainstate from .1hz – 999hz (Delta,Theta,Alpha,Beta,Gamma). By attaching earclips to your earlobes, you can literally adjust your mood and how you experience your reality: more peace, more clarity or more sleep…you decide, when and where you like. A lot of people like to experiment with remote viewing/influencing, ESP, telekinesis, and even something called the Cat frequency. Researchers found what gives cats their balance, and found the frequency for it. You can dial it up on the NeuroTrek. There is so much available for the experimenters out there, I’ll try to outline here below:

NeuroTrek has 2 frequencies at the same time. The main frequencies can be set from .1hz – 60Hz in .1hz increments. The second frequency goes from 80hz – 999hz. Also, there is an input jack that can control the NeuroTrek frequencies and take it from DC up to 1Mhz! You can play a guitar into it and have the electrical equivalent in your brain! It also slaves from any Light/Sound Machine for an awesome experience, where you no longer watch a show, you move with it…amazing!

How well does it actually work!??

When I did a presentation at the A4M in Las Vegas back in 2000, I invited 6 doctors to the stage where they were each hooked to NeuroTreks. On one side they were set for Delta, the other side was Gamma.
I turned to the audience to start telling them about the power of micro-current when they bust out laughing looking at the various state changes on peoples faces on the stage. The guy on one side was falling asleep off his chair while the woman on Gamma was tapping her foot asking if it was over yet. Then I had someone from the audience that was able to hold his liquor come out. I set him to what I call drunk setting, 6hz, within 30seconds his eyes turned red. I had him try to walk and he was stammering all over the place. Then I put him on Beta and he straightened right out. After that I had neurologist researchers trying to join my company. Now I say all this to show how powerful it is at even normal things like:
1) going to sleep – when you need to
2) Being awake when you need to without caffeine
3) Get into the “zone” for excellent study states
4) Excellent for calming PTSD or ADHD
5) Great for meditation-Instantly get into state like a monk
6) Use as a TENS for body pain
7) So much more!

What’s Included:
Owners Manual/Instruction Book
Set of earclips
9 volt battery
5 year warranty

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