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Treatment of fibromyalgia by use of PEMF


Bruce Gelerter


Fibromyalgia is a pain processing disorder occurring due to abnormalities in how the central nervous system processes pain signals. It is typically characterized by chronic pain that is widespread in nature, fatigue and allodynia (heightened pain in response to touch). Moreover, patients suffering from this disorder are also likely to experience limb weakness, muscle twitches, palpitations, sleep disturbances among other complaints. Indeed, it is a disorder that leaves a patient with no choice but to seek for the most effective therapeutic options to treat the ongoing disease process as well as alleviate the symptoms. This is where PEMF fibromyalgia therapy comes in amidst other treatment modalities. Its effectiveness has been brought forth through clinical research studies with published results as evidence.

One particular study carried out in a research hospital in Ankara Turkey provides the above evidence for management of fibromyalgia using PEMF.This study sought to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of PEMFtherapy for women with fibromyalgia. In this study, a total of fifty six women between the ages of eighteen and sixty participated. Divided into two equal sides, one group was exposed to PEMF for thirty minutes per session, twice a day for three weeks. The second group was exposed to sham therapy in a similar frequency and period of time as the first group. Assessment done after treatment at four weeks and for followup at twelve weeks showed positive results for use of PEMF fibromyalgia therapy. The PEMF group of women displayed higher levels of improvement indices as compared to the women in the sham therapy group. The conclusion arrived at was that low frequency PEMF may improve function, pain, fatigue and global status in fibromyalgia patients.

Another study done in a research institute in London Ontario, further backsemployment of PEMF to manage fibromyalgia’s chief symptom; pain. Working with an objective to determine the effect of specific PEMF exposure on pain, this study made use of two patient populations. One group received PEMF while the other was on sham therapy. Patients were assessed after a thirty minute exposure to magnetic field and effects measured up against pain and anxiety using specific types of research tools such as the visual analogue scale. There was a difference in the pain ratings pre and post exposure to PEMF suggesting a positive effect in PEMF achieving pain alleviation. From this evidence a clear conclusion was made supporting use of PEMF to reduce pain in chronic pain populations. Fibromyalgia patients do fall in this class and such a therapeutic modality presents a possibility of remedy from the unpleasant state of chronic pain. This evidence prompted further research on the same topic in order to enhance the validity of the results already obtained in previous clinical studies.

More studies have been done including one carried out in a university in Ontario, Canada. Based on a similar study aim and study method as the other two studies, the same conclusion was arrived at. PEMF fibromyalgia therapy may be a treatment modality worth considering for fibromyalgia patients.

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