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PEMF Quanta

$19 995.00
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Clinical grade PEMF you can count on. Solid State Pemf is the best you can get - WHY?

* Up to 3.8 Tesla output
* Quiet, you can only hear pulsing from coils
* Reliable! Do patients one after the other
Quanta can handle it!
* Looks great! Comes with front and back covers as
well as handle and wheels
* Has 2 controls - Intensity and Frequency
(Repetition Rate) This allows for dialing
lower intensity and lower frequency, instead of
machine gunning like other units.
* Comes with a 5 year warranty
Repairs are done in Austin, Texas

Comes with:

25' Treatment Rope
Butterfly Coil
1 hour phone support - with someone intelligent :0)

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