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PEMF Quanta


PEMF Quanta


Product Description

Relieves Chronic Pain in 10 Minutes

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Introducing a better way to treat pain
from injuries, illness & old age.

This technology is proudly presented to you by lemuria

Where Pain Really Comes From

We dug deep to find out what the root cause
of pain in the body really is.

Whether it started after an injury, surgery, or
as a symptom of an illness pain comes from
one place – the cells.

A healthy cell maintains an electrical charge
of -75 millivolts (mV) across its membrane.
When the body is injured or ill this charge
gets depleted.

In cases where the charge not only depletes
but reverses polarity, a pain signal is created
and sent. Where there is chronic pain we
see a chronic lack of cellular energy.


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Why Chronic Pain Needs A
New Treatment Approach

Pain therapy is limited to the symptom level.
TENS, hot/cold packs & pain medicines can
relieve the symptoms for a time but after they
wear off, the original problem remains. Even
worse, many medicines bring unwanted side
effects. While these options can be effective
for short term use, many people struggle with
their chronic pain for the rest of their lifetime.


What Makes PEMF Different Than
Other Forms of Pain Therapy

PEMF stands apart because it relieves painful symptoms as a side effect of restoring
healthy cellular energy levels. This modality recharges cells in its treatment area that
were depleted back up to -75 mv or more. As a result, the pain signals stop in minutes
and the cells have the energy needed to not only resume their normal function, but heal
up to 3x faster than average. See some supportive published studies below:

Condition Conclusion Weblink
Achilles Tendonitis

Resulted in a greater reduction of inflammation,
with a better return of the tendon to histological
Back Pain

There was a statistically significant faster pain
relief and resumption of active functions in
patients treated with PEMF
Bone Fracture:
Delayed Union

Success rate of 77.4%… significantly higher
than the control.
Nerve Damage

PEMF enhanced peripheral nerve regeneration.
of the Knee

PEMF therapy improves pain, stiffness and
physical function in elderly patients affected by
knee osteoarthritis.
Spinal Fusion

Fusion succeeded in 97.6% of the PEMF group
and in 52.6% of the unstimulated group.

In this study, PEMF therapy seemed to
accelerate wound healing and improve


PEMF Quanta: Benefits and Features

Time to Relief 100% pain relief achievable in 10 minutes.
Avg Relief Duration 3 days (72 hours)
Success Rate 99.5% of patients report feeling dramatically better after one session.
Avg Session Time 10 to 15 minutes. Longer sessions may assist in injury recovery.
Avg Session Cycle 2 to 3 sessions per week depending on condition severity.
Maximum Useage 4 sessions per hour for 10 hours per day.
Earnings Per Session Doctors typically earn $50 per session. Patients may signup for session
cycles lasting from 1 to 12 weeks, depending on condition severity.
Portable Use it on a desk, cart, or extend the handle and wheel it away.

PEMF Quanta is unique because it works with the body to get electrical energy to the
right cells at the right time. In turn, the cells allocate the energy in the way they need to
in order to bring the body to a better state of health. As a result, it can have profoundly
beneficial effects very quickly:

  • Relieves chronic & acute pain up to 100% in
    10 min and the relief typically lasts 3 days.
  • Effectively softens inflammation & muscle tension
    before manual adjustment.
  • Reliably achieves myofascial release.
  • Restores range of motion and reduces pain in
    arthritic joints.
  • Accelerates healing of injuries to bones,
    joints, nerves, connective and soft tissue.
  • Improves conditions considered ‘permanent’
    including chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia.
  • Enhances results from other treatments like
    supplement, diet, and exercise programs.
  • Achieves dramatic results the patient feels right
    away as a non-invasive, holistic treatment.
  • Breaks the cycle of pain and supports the
    body’s natural process of healing & recovery.

Even healthy people enjoy using PEMF Quanta, saying it helps them feel energized,
calm, and uplifted! But perhaps the most interesting aspect of therapy with Quanta is
the lack of ‘cap limit’ on what can be achieved with on-going treatments. After you try it,
you’ll understand why patients want to feel this rejuvenating wave even after the pain
fades. Because with PEMF Quanta, there is no limit to how much better you can feel.

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Included Accessories:

Rope Accessory

Treatment Rope

Our most versatile treatment accessory

by far! It can be used for every body

part for people of any shape, size &
level of sensitivity. Simply wind the wire

into a coil of your chosen shape and

size, plug the ends of the coil into the
unit, and apply to the treatment area of
choice. Training is provided for best
practices in creating effective coils.

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

This handy guide includes everything
you need to know to use Quanta with
your patients. It includes best practices,
protocols for different injury types, how
to care for your new device, and safety

power cord

Power Cord

The device is compatible with 110/220
VAC out of the box. The plugs on this
cord are Type B on the international
standard as commonly used in USA,
Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Suitable
to be used with an adapter for the
electrical sockets in your country.

Treatable Conditions

PEMF Quanta is perfectly suitable for chronic conditions suffered for many years and
acute injuries alike. Our technology has demonstrated through clinical trials in multiple
volunteering chiropractic offices that it is an effective supportive therapy capable of
dramatically easing patient suffering and accelerating recovery from musculoskeletal
and nerve conditions.

Because it energizes the body at the cellular level, doctors have seen positive results
applying PEMF therapy to a variety of causes of chronic pain. Some include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone fracture
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Inflammation
  • Neuropathy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parkinsons
  • Permanent injury
  • Post-operative pain
  • Scar reduction
  • Scoliosis
  • Tendonitis
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Wound healing
Sportliche Seniorin beim Streching


Because it is an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) it should under no circumstances be used
on or near individuals with internally implanted electronics such as pacemakers.

Due to micro-current’s incredible bacteria & virus-killing power, it is not recommended to
pulse the abdomen or colon for extended periods of time (15 minutes or more). Doing
so may trigger mild cold symptoms as a result of detoxing too fast. Drinking a glass of
water post session may help alleviate these symptoms.

Be aware that this treatment temporarily increases the permeability of the cell barrier.
Because it could change the effective dose the patient absorbs, we do not recommend
using PEMF while prescription medications are present in the bloodstream.

PEMF Quanta Brochure draft 2

A masseur is massaging a customer

Grow Your Practice with Quanta

Increase Daily Revenues

Quanta is easy to integrate into your practice because you can use it with the patients
you already have. It is ideal for ‘softening up’ patients who are pain sensitive, inflamed,
or tight before adjustment. Doctors earn an average of $50 per session. Quanta can
handle 4 sessions per hour for 8 hours per day. You do the math.

Attract New Patients

Chronic pain has become a way of life for over 100 million Americans according to the
Institute of Medicine as of 2011. How much would your practice grow if you stood alone
filling demand for the chronic pain patients in your neighborhood?

Retain More Patients

After feeling the results just once, patients are eager to sign up for recurring treatment
packages. Duration depends on the condition, but packages of 3 sessions per week for
4 to 12 weeks are not uncommon for chronically painful conditions.

Call (800) 865-1527 Today to Try Quanta for Free

Our Expertise & Dedication to Service


Bruce Gelerter, creator of the PEMF
Quanta, brings over 20 years of high
technology and medical equipment
experience to his work.

From Chief Asset Manager for GE
Medical to civilian Laser Technician
with the US Air Force, he has deep
personal understanding of physics,
technology, and human physiology.

After seeing how patients suffer
behind the scenes in hospitals he
brings a driving passion to help
people treat themselves at home.

Lemuria Technologies was founded in 2011. We are a family-owned
and operated manufacturing company that springs from a passion
for high technology & meaningful service to others.

We research, develop & manufacture
game-changing technologies for
patients who have few treatment
options they can count on.

You can find our devices in the homes
of out-patients and in the offices of
chiropractors, therapists, caregivers,
and veterinarians in all four corners of
the globe.

Because the results we achieve with
our device are unmatched, we define
the cutting-edge in the PEMF industry.

Our showroom, office, and production
facility are based in Denver, Colorado.

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191 University Boulevard, Ste. 940
Denver, CO 80206

(800) 865 – 1527