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PEMF Therapy Beneficial For Treating Ocular Conditions


Bruce Gelerter


There are many individuals who are concerned about ocular treatments for conditions such as hyphema, glaucoma, and cornea burns. Most of these conditions require extensive treatment including surgical procedures in order to improve them. There are quite a lot of people who experience these conditions that are concerned about the treatments offered them from their medical provider and could benefit from PEMF therapy.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF) uses electrical energy to focus a series of magnetic pulses that promotes tiny electrical signals to stimulate cellular repair through the injured tissue.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields treatment has proven results to help those with glaucoma. In a study on this treatments’ affect on hemodynamics of those with latent, initial and advanced glaucoma consisted of 7 minute treatments per session for a total of ten sessions. More than 283 eyes were observed of more than 150 patients which showed positive results and increased blood flow proving that PEMF eye therapy is effective for those suffering with glaucoma.

In another study of extremely low frequency PEMF treatment for alkaline burns on corneas showed positive results in healing and therapeutic results. The participants in this study were 56 rabbits that were broken into four categorized groups. One group classified as ELF 2, which the therapy was for thirty minutes, two times a day at a 2mT intensity. Another group, the ELF 5 group, which also received 30 minute treatment twice a day at a 5mT intensity. Medical therapy (MT) and controls concluded the categories. The study, was a 14 day trial, where examination and digital photos of the corneas were taken initially, and also on days 2, 7, and 14. Upon completion of the study, the rabbits were euthanized and histopathology was to to evaluate the affected eyes. The clinical and histopathologic results were compared in all four groups. The results showing that low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields treatment provided a significant less defect than those in the MT group, as well as, a lesser loss of keratocyte. Thus proving that this noninvasive treatment for alkaline burns on corneas is a remarkably effective method for therapeutic and healing purposes for eye conditions.

Another evaluation was performed using rabbit models who had well-defined hyphema for evaluating the effects of PEMF therapy. The test included sixteen eyes, broken into two groups, being treated in postoperative conditions with 10mT and 20mT on 4 separate days for sixty minutes per day. The study also included a control group with hyphema alone and a group without hyphema but PEMF irradiation. The resorption rate was recorded each day and histopathologic evaluation was also performed in this study. The 10mT group showed reduced endothelial cell damage, as well as, a reduction in fibrotic clots. Although the resorption time was not markedly different in any group, there was proof that PEMF eye therapy has a positive influence on serious side effects and when used as an adjunctive treatment is effective in ocular trauma and inflammation.

PEMF eye therapy is a proven, safe, noninvasive and effective treatment for ocular conditions. Those individuals who want an alternative to conventional treatments have an alternative.

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