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Now You Can Relieve Pain Up to 100%
in 5 Min and Keep It Gone for 3 Days

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We dug deep to find out what the root cause of pain in the body really is. Whether it started after an injury, surgery, or as a symptom of an illness pain comes from one place – the cells. Read on to find out what happens when you treat pain at the cellular level rather than the symptom level.

Where Does Pain Really Come From?

Healthy cells maintain an electrical charge across their membrane of about -75 millivolts (mV). When the body sustains damage or illness this charge gets depleted. In cases where the charge not only depletes but reverses polarity, a pain signal is created and sent. Where there is chronic pain we see a chronic lack of cellular energy.

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Why Chronic Pain Needs A
New Treatment Approach

Pain therapy is typically limited to the symptom level. TENS treatments, hot & cold packs, and pain medicines relieve the symptoms for a time but the underlying problem remains. Even worse, many medicines bring unwanted side effects. While these may be effective for acute pain, chronic pain needs a different approach…


What Makes PEMF Different Than
Other Forms of Pain Therapy


PEMF stands apart because it relieves painful symptoms as a side effect of restoring healthy
cellular energy levels. This machine recharges cells in its treatment area that were depleted
back up to -75 mv or more. As a result, the pain signals stop in minutes and the cells have the
energy needed to not only resume their normal function, but heal up to 3x faster than average.

Scientific Evidence

Hundreds of studies are available on the National Institute of Health website (
supporting PEMF therapy for various conditions. However, nothing says it better than a real
doctor of chiropractic treating real patients and hearing what they have to say before and after:

Versions of This Technology
That Are Available Now

Although there are several PEMF devices on the global market, none of them are capable of
relieving pain up to 100% in a single session of 5 minutes or less as our machines can. Our
effectiveness is unmatched in the industry and, as a result, Lemuria Technologies’ products
define the cutting edge in PEMF development worldwide.

PEMF 4000

This device is our very first version
of the technology that powers PEMF
Quanta. Its been an international
success since its release in 2012.
It’s popular among chiropractors and
veterinarians to use with a handful
of patients or at home with their own
families. Since developing Quanta,
we often use PEMF 4000s for
demos or sell them to home users.
Please enquire to find out about our
current stock and rental availability.

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PEMF Quanta

PEMF Quanta is the natural evolution
of PEMF 4000 and is better for
practitioners in almost every way.
Among other benefits, the internal
electronics are near military spec,
which means it can handle heavy
clinical use. Typical PEMF sessions
earn $50/session. Most practices do 4
sessions/hour, 8 hours a day. You do
the math.

Grow Your Practice or Treat Yourself At Home


PEMF Quanta is the ideal therapy for chiropractors, sports therapists, caregivers, and vets who
want to offer their patients pain management services. For practitioners it offers an opportunity
to not only add a new revenue stream to existing patients, but attract new ones. And, for the
patient who suffers a chronic condition, this machine makes it easy to find quick and lasting
relief in the comfort of your own home.

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