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PEMF Cardiovascular Therapy


Bruce Gelerter


The stresses of our everyday life put a lot of wear and tear on our internal organs, including our hearts. Since heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, it makes sense for us to do all we can to protect our cardiovascular health. Stress causes us to remain in a state of flight or fight and causes constant adrenaline to be pumped through our systems causing this wear and tear on our organs. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can help reduce the damage done and keep us heart healthy by reducing the stress our bodies experience on a daily basis and energizing our cells to heal at faster rates.

PEMF therapy sends a series of low intensity electrical charges into the cells of the body. The magnetic field is used as a carrier to bring the electricity both safely into the body and quickly enough to penetrate the cell barrier. Once inside the cell, the electricity fuels the cell’s metabolism. This enables them to enact rapid repairs as well as improve overall health by eliminating toxins and absorbing fresh nutrients.

This is done using a control box that transmits electrical frequencies to an applicator containing copper coils. This produces an electromagnetic field around the applicator. These frequencies work in a similar function to electroacupuncture. This FDA-approved, non invasive treatment stimulates the cells into providing a healing environment for the body. However, it is not a cure in itself. It merely helps the body to better use its own natural healing system.

It has been shown to reverse the signs of aging of the cardiovascular system. In 1999, a clinical study was performed in Russia to determine the the characteristics of the geroprotective action of magneto therapy in 66 elderly patients with combined cardiovascular pathology. These patients were suffering from hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Patients received magneto systematic therapy which resulted in improved micro circulation, diastolic and pumping functions of the heart, myocardial reactivity, and central hemodynamics reducing the biological age of the cardiovascular system. Read the complete study data here:

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy delivers much different results than the use of conventional treatments and painkillers. Traditional treatments relieve the symptoms but over the long run make the condition worse due to suppression of the immune system depleting the body of essential nutrients over time. However, this does not occur with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The experienced results of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy will vary depending on PEMF dosage and the severity of the cardiovascular condition.

There are little to no negative side effects with pulsed electromagnetic therapy. A tingling sensation due to increased blood circulation has been reported. Some patients have reported nausea and headaches as a result of toxins being flushed from the bloodstream. Muscles can become sore as the cells are “physically exercised” with therapy. There have been no known deaths associated with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Individuals who are using a pacemaker or other similar electrical device or have had an organ transplant are not encouraged to seek PEMF therapy.

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