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Health benefits of PEMF treatment


Bruce Gelerter


PEMF is a mode of treatment that has proved to be a success in many studies conducted by the National institute of Health. PEMF, otherwise known as Pulse Electromagnetic Field is a technique that can be used to correct a number of medical conditions in a cost effective and timely manner. It is very simple to understand how PEMF works. The system emits a series of pulsating frequencies onto the affected area which in turn creates a kind of penetrating energy within the cells to heal you and give you a number of medical benefits.

Over the last decade, Medics studying PEMF technique have seen tremendous improvement in patients who were treated using the method.. According to research findings by National Institute of Health, a group of 58 patients with bone fractures were tested and the results were beyond expectation. The success rate for patients who were treated with this technique averaged between 75%-77.4% compared to control experiment that was conducted within the same duration of time and realized a success rate of about 45% only.

Clearly, there is a fundamental relationship between living organisms and magnetic fields. At least, there is enough evidence to support PEMF effectiveness from studies that have been carried out and published in numerous medical journals, textbooks and other sources concerning this discovery. The effectiveness of this mode of treatment cannot be undermined because it is a holistic approach to most medical conditions involving pain.

Another study by Sherman R. and his team entitled “Double blind” investigated the effectiveness of PEMF technique in combating pain. They observed a number of patients suffering from migraines ( a medical condition that is characterized by severe headache,a feeling of nausea and inability to face direct light) and discovered that PEMF can reduce pain by almost a 100%. During the first month of conducting the experiment, they closely monitored the participants. It was reported that 73% of them reported a tremendous improvement after a continuous exposure to PEMF, 45% reported at list a significant decrease in the headaches, while 14% recorded a total relief of headache pains.

Energy medicine, as it is commonly referred to, is soon going to revolutionize the current modes of treatments involving pharmaceuticals and surgery. International Journal of Neuroscience puts it very plain. They have shown that very weak magnetic fields, in a way, syncs with human brain or heart tissues to create a special metabolic effect within the cells of mammals. Apparently, geomagnetic forces (which are earth’s constant magnetic field) are too strong to initiate this kind of communication. This is where PEMF comes in handy. They have shown that the weak electromagnetic waves have a tendency of altering and promoting cell alignment, which may trigger healing and pain relief.

It has also been reported that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can have their visual memory and perspective corrected just by getting exposed to electromagnetic field of low frequency and intensity. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a disease that causes the victim to partially lose their vision. It disrupts communication between the Central Nervous System and the eye. Thanks to PEMF treatment, which can correct the problem just by a mare exposure to the electromagnetic fields.

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