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Effect of PEMF on fresh fracture-healing in rat tibia.


Sarker AB, Nashimuddin AN, Islam KM, Rabbani KS, Rahman M, Mushin AU, Hussain M.


Department of Pathology, Okayama University Medical School, Japan.


The present experiment was designed to find out whether PEMF can act as a healing agent on induced fracture of rat tibia. Eighty rats were taken for this experiment. Under general anaesthesia mid-shaft of tibia and fibula of all rats were osteotomied, Intramedullary nailing was done for proper alignment of the fractured fragments. The animals were then divided into two groups: group-1 and Group-II. Each group contained forty animals. Out of these forty animals twenty were treated as experimental and twenty as control. From the third day of osteotomy, PEMF was applied to experimental rats around the osteotomy sites for a period of nine hours a day. PEMF was not applied to the control rats. The animals of group-1 and group-II were sacrificed after applied one week and three weeks of PEMF, respectively. Radiological and microscopical examination of the callus were performed. Gross and microscopic measurements of the callus were statistically analysed. The growth of callus was taken as a criterion of fracture healing. The results of the present experiment revealed significant enhancement of fracture healing in group-I. The results of the radiological evaluation of group-II experimental animals were also consistent with the morphological analysis. It was concluded that healing of fractured rat tibia was enhanced by the application of PEMF and this effect of PEMF was more pronounced at the end of third week.


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