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PEMF for Cancer: Bioelectromagnetic field effects on cancer cells and mice tumors.

PEMF for Cancer

Study Overview:

The study shown below was done in Germany to test the effectiveness of PEMF for cancer as a non-invasive treatment. They found that PEMF kills cancer cells and inhibits their growth without affecting healthy cells. When combined with complementary cancer-fighting methods, such as hyperthermia and medicines, the results suggest there is suitable basis to use PEMF therapy to support immune response and prevent the spread of cancer for human patients.


Author(s):Berg H, Günther B, Hilger I, Radeva M, Traitcheva N, Wollweber L.
Location:Laboratory Bioelectrochemistry, Beutenberg Campus, Jena, Germany.

We present possibilities and trends of ELF bioelectromagnetic effects in the mT amplitude range on cancer cells and on mice bearing tumors.

In contrast to invasive electrochemotherapy and electrogenetherapy, using mostly needle electrodes and single high-amplitude electropulses for treatment, extremely low-frequency (ELF) pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and sinusoidal electromagnetic fields (SEMF) induce tumor cell apoptosis, inhibit angiogenesis, impede proliferation of neoplastic cells, and cause necrosis non invasively, whereas human lymphocytes are negligibly affected.

Our successful results in killing cancer cells-analyzed by trypan blue staining or by flow cytometry-and of the inhibition of MX-1 tumors in mice by 15-20 mT, 50 Hz treatment in a solenoid coil also in the presence of bleomycin are presented in comparison to similar experimental results from the literature.

Conclusions on PEMF for cancer:

In conclusion, the synergistic combinations of PEMF or SEMF with hyperthermia (41.5°C) and/or cancerostatic agents presented in the tables for cells and mice offer a basis for further development of an adjuvant treatment for patients suffering from malignant tumors and metastases pending the near-term development of suitable solenoids of 45-60 cm in diameter, producing >20 mT in their cores.


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