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The Benefits of PEMF Treatment for Arthritis Sufferers


Author: Bruce Gelerter

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with millions of people suffering from some form of it. One of the biggest concerns for arthritis suffers is to find a treatment that can keep them mobile and pain free. Although there are many treatments available to maintain the condition and its symptoms, many of them can pose harmful side effects. There have been a number of clinical trials and studies in reference to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) low-frequency treatments. PEMF uses electrical energy to stimulate cellular repair through a series of magnetic pulses. The magnetic pulsed pass through injured tissue to induce a tiny electrical signal to the cells. PEMF has shown improved mobility and less pain in arthritis sufferers over the past decade and has the studies and trials that often provide a better result than conventional treatments without the side effects.

According to a double blind trial that consisted of 27 patients with osteoarthritis were treated for a month, using PEMF for a month. They partook in a total of 18 treatments, with each treatment lasting a half hour. Although all but two completed the trial, there was an average improvement, in the patients that did, between 23 and 61 percent of less pain and improved mobility and function. Thus showing that PEMF arthritis treatment can effectively manage arthritis symptoms.

Another study where PEMF therapy was used included patients who have symptomatic OA in their knee. These participants were unable to find relief from conventional treatments. This six week double blind study, included placebo-controlled treatment. Seventy-five patients were recruited to partake in this study and were randomly chosen to be given the PEMF treatment. Although 6 participants didn’t actually partake in the study, the outcome was a significant reduction in pain and increased mobility for those who received the PEMF treatment than those who were given placebo. This study shows, that those suffering with an arthritic knee who are unable to find relief from conventional treatments, can benefit from PEMF arthritis treatment.

In another trial involving sufferers with arthritis affecting the back and knee, the study had 86 OA knee patients and 81 of the spine. Some were treated with placebo and others received the PEMF treatment. Individual’s pain was checked using a visual analog scale and the daily activities were recorded by questions. The passive motion and joint tenderness were recorded as minimum, moderate, or severe. The examining physician and patient were responsible for evaluations at the start of the study, midway through the study, and after a one month treatment plan completion. The study’s end result showed that those with an arthritic knee and/or the spine can benefit from having pulsed electromagnetic fields treatment, as there was significant improvement of their range of motion and a decrease in pain persistence and intensity at all levels compared to the placebo patients. Concluding that being exposed to PEMF treatment can successfully improve arthritic conditions (mobility and decreased pain), at any level.

PEMF treatment has proven results for improved mobility and pain reduction, even for those whose conventional treatments have failed, making PEMF arthritis treatment the most effective and safest treatment, to date, available for sufferers.

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