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R&D Production at Lemuria TechnologiesAbout The Company

Lemuria Technologies LLC was founded in 2011. We research, develop, and manufacture original electrotherapeutic products that work with the body rather than around it. Where most medical devices are geared toward treating and diagnosing ‘disease,’ we focus on enhancing health and performance.

We are continuously deepening our understanding of the life sciences in order to non-invasively apply technology to optimize certain functions and processes at the core level. Our developments are based on research proven to benefit the body. This results in therapies that may both enhance well-being and support recovery regardless of where the user starts from.

Our devices are designed to support the body’s processes so it can express its inner potential to heal itself, function optimally, and ultimately improve our customers’ quality of life.

About the Inventor

Bruce Gelerter – CEO, Lead Scientist & Engineer

Bruce Gelerter of Lemuria TechnologiesI’m a scientist and electrical engineer. My main interest is researching and developing emerging technologies that activate optimal performance. I was trained by GE Medical in the design and safe manufacture of medical devices. My experience is in R&D of cutting-edge technology for medical, military, aerospace, energy, and environmental applications. I have been designing, manufacturing, and selling my devices since 1996. At Lemuria Technologies I brought them all together to continue improving them, start developing new ones, and make them available for you.

Here are some highlights on the kinds of projects I’ve done in the past:

  • Trained and worked for GE Medical as Asset Manager specializing in radiology, including: nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), high speed x-ray, and computerized tomography (CT).
  • Developed the first bi-refringent Alexandrite crystal laser system for Allied Chemical which was sold to Los Alamos Labs for $3.5 million and featured on the cover of Spectra Physics Magazine.
  • Worked on high-voltage, pulsed power systems for the Department of Defense / Department of Energy.
  • Presented the Neurotrek on stage at the A4M in Las Vegas
  • Holds a patent for a medical device used to treat temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

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